Celtic Cross CD

Celtic Cross

In this recording, the guitar work of Richard Searles is applied to traditional music of the Celtic world: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and Galicia. The distinctive music from each of these traditionally Gaelic-speaking peoples has been reinterpreted to provide new insight into Celtic music, while remaining faithful to its sources. The sounds of Classical Guitar join with those of Recorder, Hurdy Gurdy, Concertina, Harpsichord, Percussion, and other instruments on an imaginative journey into the heart of the Gaels.

Track List

  1. Cabalgata   Demo
    trad. Galician
  2. A Thousand Curses On Love   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  3. Wet Is The Night   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  4. Abercairney House   Demo
    Neil Gow
  5. An Dro   Demo
    trad. Breton
  6. My Dark Haired Maid From Cornaig   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  7. Rondes   Demo
    trad. Breton
  8. Sir Festus Burke   Demo
    Turlough O'Carolan
  9. Laridé A Huit Temps   Demo
    trad. Breton
  10. The White Houses of Sheildaig   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  11. The Bedding of the Bride   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  12. Laridé A Six Temps   Demo
    trad. Breton
  13. Clanranald   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  14. The Fyket   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  15. An Occasional Song   Demo
    trad. Welsh
  16. Galician Dance   Demo
    trad. Galician
  17. The Haggis   Demo
    trad. Scottish
  18. No Surrender   Demo
    trad. Irish
  19. Tavern On The Moor   Demo
    trad. Welsh

All arrangements by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars
Charles Zukovsky: Recorders
Laura Stone:   Oboe
Patricia Mabee: Harpsichord
Ron Wagner:   Percussion
Curtis Berak:   Hurdy Gurdy
Mark Born:   Concertina
Tal Herzberg:   Acoustic Bass
David Stenske: 1st Violin
Ed Persi: 2nd Violin
Matt Funes: Viola
Steve Velez: Cello
John Searles: Art Direction
Rose Guilbert: Celtic Embroidery