Earth Quest CD

Earth Quest

The original music on this recording calls up images of myst-shrouded forests, unicorns, and elfin journeys. As one reviewer declared, "This would be great music to read Tolkien by!" Richard Searles has captured the magic, the hope, and the etherealness of a world we all long for but can only find in our imaginations. This instrumental album features Guitars, Harpsichord, Recorders, Oboe, Percussion and Synthesizers.

Track List

  1. Earth Dance   Demo
  2. Dream Flight   Demo
  3. The Unicorn   Demo
  4. Rain Forest   Demo
  5. The Quest   Demo
  6. Midnight Caravan   Demo
  7. Song of Elfarron   Demo
  8. Dragons Tavern   Demo
  9. Mystic Voyage   Demo
  10. Enchanted Hollow   Demo
  11. Celebration Dance   Demo

All compositions by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars, Synthesizers
Charles Zukovsky: Recorders
Michael Kibee:   Oboe
Patricia Mabee: Harpsichord
Ron Wagner:   Tabla, Percussion
Dave Shank:   Percussion
Brad Schenk: Cover Art