The Green Man CD

The Green Man

Instrumental acoustic music featuring Classical and Steel String Guitars, String Quartet, Harpsichord, Bagpipe, Concertina, Acoustic Bass and Percussion.

Track List

  1. Dragonfly   Demo
  2. The Green Man   Demo
  3. The Price of My Pig   Demo
  4. Bryn Y Ellyllon   Demo
  5. The Silkie   Demo
  6. In Winter's Shadow   Demo
  7. Hidden World   Demo
  8. Orb Weaver   Demo
  9. Isles of Liss   Demo
  10. Rain   Demo
  11. Scottish Air   Demo
  12. Con Spirito   Demo
  13. The Black Horse   Demo
  14. Farewell, For I'm Leaving My Land   Demo
  15. Fantasy on a Bagpipe   Demo

All original compositions and arrangements by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars, Concertina, Recorder
Patricia Mabee: Harpsichord
Ron Wagner:   Tabla, Percussion
Dan Speaker:   Scottish Smallpipes
Tim Powell:   Acoustic Bass
Dorthy Kwon: 1st Violin
Paola Moraga: 2nd Violin
Alma Lisa Fernandez: Viola
Giovanna Moraga: Cello
John Searles: Art Direction
Mirth and Green Man images from stone carvings by: Walter Arnold