Guitar Music CD

Guitar Music

Solo guitar music by Richard Searles.

“ While all of my past albums have been ensemble recordings, I often included short solo guitar pieces as interludes between the more orchestrated tracks. I've been getting a lot of requests for an album of just those guitar solos, and here it is.
These are all new recordings including new solo versions of Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair, In Winter's Shadow, Bianco Fiore and Saltarello. Three pieces I've never recorded before are Going Home, Canon in D and Danny Boy. ”

Track List

  1. Going Home  Demo
    Antonin Dvorak
  2. Greensleeves   Demo
    Old English
  3. Canon in D   Demo
    Johann Pachelbel
  4. Danny Boy   Demo
    Old Irish
  5. Scarborough Fair   Demo
    Old English
  6. Mrs. Farrel   Demo
    Turlough O'Carolan
  7. The Owl   Demo
    Richard Searles
  8. The Unicorn   Demo
    Richard Searles
  9. The Haggis   Demo
    Old Scottish
  10. Scottish Air   Demo
    16th cent. Scottish
  11. Carolan's Quarrel   Demo
    Turlough O'Carolan
  12. In Winter's Shadow   Demo
    Richard Searles
  13. Bianco Fiore   Demo
    Cesare Negri
  14. The Butterfly   Demo
    Richard Searles
  15. Wet Is The Night   Demo
    Old Scottish
  16. The Green Man   Demo
    Richard Searles
  17. The Peacock   Demo
    Richard Searles
  18. Saltarello   Demo
    Vincenzo Galilei