Magical Creatures CD

Magical Creatures

Inspired by the allegorical encyclopedia of animals from medieval times known as a bestiary or "book of beasts", these original compositions are musical interpretations of some favorite magical creatures. 12 tracks including Dragon, Unicorn, Mermaid, Griffin and Centaur.

Track List

  1. Falcon  
  2. Jaguar  
  3. Butterfly  
  4. Dragon  
  5. Owl  
  6. Griffin  
  7. Mermaid  
  8. Roane  
  9. Unicorn  
  10. Centaur  
  11. Peacock  
  12. Magical Creatures  

All compositions by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars, Hammered Dulcimer, Recorders
Ron Wagner:   Tabla, Dumbek, Riq, Finger Cymbals, Percussion

Cover art by Hilarie and James Cornwell, Cornwell ScribeWorks