Sheltering Stones CD

Sheltering Stones

The pieces on this album have been carefully selected from previous Earth Dance Music releases to produce an album which creates an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation, reflection, and the restoration of inner well-being.
Features slow music from Dance of the Renaissance, Earth Quest, Emerald Castles, Ancient Isles, Celtic Cross and Scarborough Faire.

HDCD Master

Track List

  1. Mystic Voyage  
  2. Morning Dance  
  3. Wet Is The Night  
  4. Sheltering Stones  
  5. The White Houses of Sheildaig  
  6. Song of Elfarron  
  7. Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady  
  8. Ancient Isles  
  9. Song of the Wind  
  10. An Occasional Song  
  11. Separation of Soul & Body  
  12. Lament  
  13. Rain Forest  
  14. We Sing in Celebration  
  15. Sonnet  
  16. Twenty Ways Upon The Bells  

All arrangements and original compositions
by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars
Charles Zukovsky: Alto Recorder
Patricia Mabee: Harpsichord
Mark Born: Concertina
Ron Wagner:   Woodblock
David Stenske: 1st Violin
Ed Persi: 2nd Violin
Matt Funes: Viola
Steve Velez: Cello
Tal Herzberg:   Acoustic Bass